Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer-in-the-City Faves

I never imagined summertime to be this crazy, but here I am holding workshops and crafternoons at least four times a week, leaving me with only three days for a working weekend (which falls oddly on a Tuesday-Wednesday). Hello, blog, I've missed you! Here's a random list of some of my summer-in-the-city favorites.
Brown Brogues. I purchased this wonderful pair online and find myself living in them everyday.
Pipino's vegan chocolate cake. Is this too narcissistic? Haha. It's my current fave dessert, and learned over our family lunch yesterday that kids love it, too!
Nuts for nuts. I was running some mall errands and chanced upon a kiosk that sells all sorts of nuts. I love the idea of making your own mix, and went for almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts and dried cranberries. Perfect snack!
Olive-scented oil and perfume...among other things. From Oryspa and My Goodie Bag.
Teaching kids. I'm having so much fun giving them art activities to learn from and play with, and I'm always amazed with the things that they create!
Doodling orbs. When everything gets to busy inside my head, I like getting lost in the motion of drawing these flowers. 
Pinching clay. I learned pottery for the first time about a month ago, and got my first pieces yesterday! In the middle is a paint palette, and the band-aid looking thing is a calligraphy pen stand. I think I like pinching and slabbing more than going on the wheel! :P

Have a great Monday, everyone!