Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rainbow Beach

I spent the past week in Boracay with our Hilario clan (31 in our party!), but in spite of our huge number,  it was a pretty relaxing trip.

We were there for my Tita Florian's 60th birthday celebration, and we dressed up the beachfront in neon, with glowsticks and pompoms, sparklers and sweets. The birthday cupcake tower was made of the famous calamansi muffins from Real Coffee, each one topped with washi flags.Rizza's neon bracelet stack + buko juice valet
I had a rubber stamping session with Flow as well! (Photo credit: Noelle Hilario)

On Sunday morning, we all hopped on a boat that took us to Puka Beach.
The last time I was on Puka beach, it was so windy and the sand was so harsh against my skin. This time, the waters were calm, so we lay down our lagus and hung out there for a while.I searched the sand for the colors of the rainbow! This is what my nephew Hoops and I found, and I arranged the shells in r-o-y-g-i-b-v order (with the neutrals in one corner! haha)
Just before we left the beach, the bats gave us a sky show and flew over us to get to the top of the mountain.