Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watercolored Succulents

I usually have a list of things I want and plan to watercolor. Succulents have been part of the list for a long time now, and I only really needed to sit down and actually do it.
I used a rigger brush for a relatively large succulent so it took me a while to finish the first one (I should've use a bigger brush). Then, over lunch with Gin, I finished a few more drawings.
And then I scanned the paintings and made patterns with them. Now I want to turn it into wallpaper! Or bedsheets! Or notebook covers! I think the pattern turned out real pretty, don't you think? ;)
And because this was an exercise in color for me, I painted them in these actual colors, and didn't alter it in Photoshop. All I did digitally was layer the succulents on top of each other.
Last Sunday, I realized that watercolor is still my favorite thing to teach, so I've opened a new crafternoon specially for those who have already taken the first watercolor workshop with me.