Friday, March 1, 2013

Download: March 2013 Printable Calendar

Does it count if I'm still fulfilling new year's resolutions from last year? One thing I promised to do was draw more. I carry a travel-sized sketchpad in my bag all the time, and doodle thoughts (that have turned into actual blog posts), random patterns, and any random thing that inspires me to pick up the pen. As dorky as it may sound, on days just like today, I forget the pens (but never the sketch pad!), and find that the only writing materials in my bag are my watercolor set and rigger brushes (Size 00 and 000). So for this calendar, I watercolordoodled something inspired by the Japanese scallop patterns--the ones that I always pick out of a pack of origami paper :P-- together with some watercolored typography. Also, I realized that black is the most untouched pan in my set, so this was the perfect time to mess it up a bit. :P
Download the March 2013 Printable Calendar here.

And not that you already have your calendar, make sure to keep your weekend schedules free for the coming crafternoons this summer! If you promised yourself to make 2013 your craftiest and most creative year ever, then I will try to help you keep that resolution with these new crafternoons and creative weekend retreats. Save the dates & click on the links to sign up!

March 2 & 3
Calligraphy & Creative Life Planning (FULL)

March 10
Watercolor Crafternoon (FULL)

March 16
Mansy's Papercut Workshop

March 17
Rubber-cut Crafternoon: Fabric+Totes+Patterns (FULL)

April 7
Calligraphy & Creative Life Planning with PJ & Alessa (FULL)

April 13
Crafty Field Trip!  (FULL)

April 18-21

April 27

May 4

May 18-19
Craft Camp in Zambales

Please check back as I'll be posting the sign-up details for all summer workshops within the week.

Happy weekend, everyone! :)