Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Download: April 2013 Printable Calendar

Inspiration is everywhere, and my favorite way to search for it is simply by looking up at the sky. It's no secret: I love clouds. In creativity class back in college, I once proposed that the heart sign for love should be replaced by a cloud. "Because being in love is a heavenly fluffy feeling." I remember my teacher's note on the corner of my homework, where he wrote "You're pushing it. :P" Haha!
I left all my crafty things at home today, in hopes of forcing myself to work on the computer, so I only have a pen, a notebook, and my canvas totebag with me right now. But that doesn't stop me from coming up with a printable calendar on the last work day of the month (especially for those of you in the office)! So many last minute things to be done today, I know. Pretty skies and a blank slate for April might just be the thing to help you think clearly and plan for the next month.
Download the April 2013 Printable Calendar here.