Sunday, March 3, 2013

Arts&Crafts will save the world

Yesterday, one of the participants at the calligraphy crafternoon said out loud, "Wow, this really teaches you to be patient." I couldn't agree more. Doing things by hand teaches you to be more tolerant, more forgiving, more focused--a few traits that the world needs more of these days. It instills these values to a child, and reaffirms them to adults. To be able to finish a piece from start to finish makes you feel capable, grateful, blessed.
I had been meaning to put these words on paper for quite some time now. I finally did it, this morning, as I was inspired by the book I'm currently reading. I watercolored an "engraved" typeface and slapped it on wood texture.

While searching for a book on basket-weaving (something that I want to learn this year), I chanced upon this old book "Philippine Creative Handicrafts". The book was first published in 1952, and this is its 6th printing. (Sorry, but I don't know where else you can find it, as I got the last copy in an old bookshop in Manila.)
Here's the list of what's in the book:
I love the dedication page.
"When the hands are occupied with the creation of something useful and attractive, there is no cause for the breeding of discontent, boredome, petty worry, fear, or jealousy." Read the preface and allow the author to tell you more reasons why crafting and creating is important.
Be a maker and save the world! :P