Monday, March 25, 2013

A Week of Making (and Learning)

It all started with HeyKessy's (Mansy's) papercutting workshop. Until I got there, I didn't realize how excited I was to be a student again. After over 12 crafternoons from January to March this year (and over 220 students!!), this was a welcome break for me. The workshop was held at Sweet Ecstasy in CubaoX, and after the workshop, Mansy, Paul, Mikko and I had early dinner at Bellini's, where I finished this lace-y papercut below.
The next day, the three M's (Mansy, Macy and Mikko) and I met up for breakfast + crafting + exciting new projects. I brought out my felting wool and needles and started to make letters. Now, this is my first felting project, and probably my last because I think I inhaled too much fiber, and felt like it was up my throat for a few days (and I don't even have asthma). I don't think I'm felting ever again. Haha. Who wants my felting wool?
In the afternoon, we had a Rubber-cut Workshop, and 30 participants joined us at Pino Malingap. This was a new kind of workshop because we stamped on totebags and scarves, and each participant got a VersaCraft stamp pad for fabric.
The scarves are a gauzy type of fabric from Vigan, which I sourced from ANTHILL.We're having another Rubber-cut Stamps + Fabric workshop on May 4, and there are a few slots left! Click on this link to sign up.

Then, using my tools for stamp-making, I carved on some wooden boards. It's tricky, but I had fun experimenting with a new material. Maybe I'll try carving a pattern for print next time.
I also made an envelope template for my friends E&E's wedding invitations. They're only printing 40 invites for their intimate destination wedding, so hand-cutting everything is the most economical solution. I made a pattern using the graphics that Em's friend made for the invitation (which are the shapes of the islands in Batanes), and used it to line the envelopes. On the upper right side of the photo is my cutting diagram for both the envelope and the liner.
PJ and I collaborate on the wall art of Pino, and for the function room, I made these mix-and-match robot stamps for the wall.
(The robot character is consistent in the Pino doodles.)
Stamped on large canvas with drip neon paint.
PJ did his signature doodle work on canvas. "Under-drawn" are his comic strip characters Rugby & JR, topped with a quote dedicated to me! :P Other girls have songs and poems written for them...I get jokes! Follow PJ and his funny instagram thread: @PJLanot
The Crafts and Creativity Workshop is another husband & wife collaboration of ours. This time, we went corporate and taught the packaging creatives at San Miguel Yamamura. They were such a fun bunch, and we really enjoyed spending our day with them. PJ gave his motivational talks and life planning workshop, while I taught crafts and talked about how to be creative anytime, anywhere.
Saturday lunch consisted of this child on the table. Haha, I'm kidding! This is my niece Winter, and some quick lettering of her name in pencil while waiting for our food to arrive.After lunch, we headed to Cornerstone Pottery Farm to play with clay, and plan for the Crafty Field Trip! March is about to end, and I'm glad that I'm still living out my 2013 promises to myself to LEARN new things and to MAKE something creative every day. :)

Hope you all have a blessed holy week!