Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday7: Hairtips, Beats and Sidetrips

ONEAfter a weekend of 3 consecutive workshops, I finally had time to pay the salon a visit for a manipedi session. I decided to have my hair colored as well. I don't think there's any solution to my bleached tips, but the one-color dye evened them out a little bit, or at least made the ombre look more gradual. My colorist was loving how it came out, so he decided to blow out my hair (I guess that's his own way of patting himself on the back, haha). No occasion curls are always a wonderful thing. :)

TWOPJ and I are in Macau for the weekend with my parents and sister. Red-eye flights mean that there are no shuttle buses to take you from the airport to the hotels, so we lined up for a taxi instead. When traveling, always have someone write down your destination in their local language.

THREEWhen traveling, aside from absorbing all the foreign scenery, I like exposing myself to new music. It's these times when I create new playlists for myself.
Here's something new for all of you from The Mystery Lab.

Download and listen to their first single.
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FOURWe couldn't help it!! With HongKong being just a ferry away, PJ and I just HAD to go. It was fun sharing my favorite places in the city with my sister, whose last time there was 7 years ago. We started the day with a huge brunch at Life Cafe on Shelley Street, Soho. Their food always makes me happy.

FIVEI peeked outside the window of the restaurant and spotted this cute salmon-colored building amongst the grays of Hong Kong.

SIXOne of my favorite things to do when I travel is take photos of textures. I'm a pattern freak, don't ask me why! I'm just drawn to repetition, and love beautiful 'backgrounds'.

SEVENI finally chanced upon the evasive XL erasers at Lost and Found/Homeless in HK. They are so expensive, though! HK$195 for one block. But I got one, and will give it a try! Bought a bunch of new craft stuff as well, can't wait to share all of that soon.

Have a happy Sunday! :)