Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hearts Everywhere + Valentine Treats

I don't know if it's because February is the month of love, but I have been seeing hearts in the most random places! While walking to the carpark, this green heart-shaped leaf smiled at me. And, after shaking my bottle of sepia calligraphy ink, I saw this heart on the cap!

On most Valentine's Days, when we DO feel like celebrating, I usually invite my couple friends and host dinner at home (no table reservations required, haha!). This year, my cousin Rizza and I are going to host another Vday Dinner, and I'm getting all excited! Another party to craft for! 
Although we haven't ironed out all the details of the dinner yet, I know one thing's for sure: we'll be ordering some of these sweet treats from The Comfort Zone!
My mouth is watering while my mind is already going crazy thinking about how to use these pretty hearts for table decors and giveaways.

These Red Velvet Cookie Sandwich hearts are P25 a piece or P250 per dozen.Super moist Red Velvet Cupcakes make for perfect Valentine gifts.
P50 - solo box
P200 - box of 4
P250 - box of 6
P300 - box of 9
P350 - box of 12

Designs can be customised, too!
The most wonderful classic Chocolate Chip Cookies are only P150 per dozen. These are my personal favorite from The Comfort Zone!
I served these cookies at our last crafts & creativity workshop and everyone loved them! Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips are only P180 per dozen.

And finally, for all the bacon-lovers, they've got Chocolate Chip Cookies with Bacon (available in milk or white chocolate) at P200 per dozen.
or contact +639178940508