Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday7: Hairtips, Beats and Sidetrips

ONEAfter a weekend of 3 consecutive workshops, I finally had time to pay the salon a visit for a manipedi session. I decided to have my hair colored as well. I don't think there's any solution to my bleached tips, but the one-color dye evened them out a little bit, or at least made the ombre look more gradual. My colorist was loving how it came out, so he decided to blow out my hair (I guess that's his own way of patting himself on the back, haha). No occasion curls are always a wonderful thing. :)

TWOPJ and I are in Macau for the weekend with my parents and sister. Red-eye flights mean that there are no shuttle buses to take you from the airport to the hotels, so we lined up for a taxi instead. When traveling, always have someone write down your destination in their local language.

THREEWhen traveling, aside from absorbing all the foreign scenery, I like exposing myself to new music. It's these times when I create new playlists for myself.
Here's something new for all of you from The Mystery Lab.

Download and listen to their first single.
Google Play:

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FOURWe couldn't help it!! With HongKong being just a ferry away, PJ and I just HAD to go. It was fun sharing my favorite places in the city with my sister, whose last time there was 7 years ago. We started the day with a huge brunch at Life Cafe on Shelley Street, Soho. Their food always makes me happy.

FIVEI peeked outside the window of the restaurant and spotted this cute salmon-colored building amongst the grays of Hong Kong.

SIXOne of my favorite things to do when I travel is take photos of textures. I'm a pattern freak, don't ask me why! I'm just drawn to repetition, and love beautiful 'backgrounds'.

SEVENI finally chanced upon the evasive XL erasers at Lost and Found/Homeless in HK. They are so expensive, though! HK$195 for one block. But I got one, and will give it a try! Bought a bunch of new craft stuff as well, can't wait to share all of that soon.

Have a happy Sunday! :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Join the Association of Rubber-cut Stamp Addicts

Mansy, Isa and I celebrated hearts day with the newest members of the rubber-cut stamp addicts club :P
Join us for the next Rubber-cut Workshop on March 17.
This time, we'll be stamping on Fabric and Totebags!

Register by filling up the form below:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Layered Koi Stamps + A Koi Show

For those who have already tried their hand a rubberstamping, explore this:
layered stamps! (with a wash of watercolor underneath)

You start with one drawing and transfer the same image onto two (or more) rubber blocks, and carve out the pieces with "one color per stamp" in mind. 
For the koi, I made two stamps: black for the outline & black spots, and orange for the color of the fish. I left out some white spaces in between the stamps for the white base of the fish. I love how the layered stamps create off-registration marks.

I've already made two commissioned koi stamps, and I know that there are people who go absolutely crazy (and pay a fortune!) for these fish. If you're looking for something different to do this weekend, drop by the Philippine National Koi Show on Feb 23 and 24!
Get a chance to meet The A-Team in the flesh! Or should I say, scales? :P

Monday, February 18, 2013

February Really IS The Month of LOVE!

A few years ago, my cousin Noelle and I attended HOW Design's Freelancers' Conference in Denver, Colorado. I had been dreaming of attending the HOW Conference ever since I was in college, when I first learned about the magazine in graphic design class. Conference registration is pretty steep (over a thousand $$$$!), so when I learned that they had a shorter (and cheaper) two-day design conference for freelancers, we immediately signed up for it.We stayed at the Hyatt in Denver, which is also the same venue as the conference. All sessions were held inside a ballroom packed with creatives! I think we were the only Pinoys from the Philippines there... Can you say design fangirls? haha.The best part of the conference, though, is the opening night of the actual HOW Conference, where a hall full of paper and print suppliers give away product samples and freebies!And as soon as the doors opened, the crazy crowd flooded into the event hall. Companies were giving away posters, t-shirts, baggus, and so much other cool design stuff! We had to ship all the conference goodies we took home in a whole balikbayan box!

Off-topic: if ever you DO find yourself in Denver, WholeCourse Foods serves the best veg meals! I still remember this huge plate of seitan steak and potatoes.
Anyway, this brings me to... Waking up on the first day of this Month of Love and seeing an e-mail from How Design online. They told me that I had been chosen as one of HOW's Top 10 websites for Designers for Feb! It was 5 in the morning and I was squealing like a kid on Christmas day. I have been a fan of the magazine, attended their conferences, subscribed to their newsletter, so having them select this blog as one of their Top10 is like a nod of approval from your favorite design teacher.
Aaaand... the month just keeps getting better! Thank you so much to Tatin Yang and the rest of the Inquirer Super Lifestyle team for featuring us crafters this month! :) Hooray for handmade!
But for the record, TODAY, Feb 18 is the most special day of the month!It's PJ's birthday!!! :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Triple Date: Red, White & Kraft

The thing about running a restaurant is that special occasions mean work--lots of it. Of course, in that world, busy is always good. Needless to say, Valentine crafting took a steady ride in the backseat, as I split myself into not just half, but quarters, trying to do everything in one single day (while praying the traffic gods be on my side). And just when V-day was about to bid goodbye, I rushed home to host a simple triple date valentine dinner with my cousins.

Red, White and Kraft:Our al fresco dinner table setting of kraft paper for table cloth, rubber-stamped hearts, plants from the garden, recycled bottles, paper napkins from Ikea, and clay cups as candle holders from Tagaytay.

The dates:Luke ♥ Noelle   |    PJ ♥ Alessa    |    Alan ♥ Rizza

Thanks to Ninong Romy for making us his special Paella Valenciana!He made two versions for us: original recipe and vegan!
Rizza and Noelle brought these yummy mocha cupcakes for dessert

And then we hammed it up at our makeshift photobooth.Alan ♥ Rizza
PJ ♥ Alessa
Luke ♥ Noelle ♥ Kai

On a separate valentine note, I sent out these valentine cards for a snail mail exchange.
I made envelopes out of craft paper and lined them with my stamped prints.
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine weekend! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine Circus at Pipino

Come and celebrate at Pipino this Valentine season. We've prepared a special 4-course carnival themed set meal for only P595 per head. Call our QC or Makati branch to book your table! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crafternoons at Fully Booked

 Sunday afternoon was far from usual laziness as 30+ participants joined me for the Watercolor Crafternoon last Feb 3 at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street. This is one of my most favorite workshops to teach. I really enjoy sharing my love for watercolor!So happy that at this workshop, and all workshops to follow, a set of Sakura Koi travel palette is included i nthe kit! It's the same watercolor set that I personally use :)I also finally got to meet Alexi, who happens to be one of our design clients! :) Since last week, I only conversed with her via e-mail. Glad that she and her sister Mara enjoy crafts, too!

And surprise, surprise... Mansy and April joined the workshop!I love my crazy crafty friends :)

For the activity, I asked the participants to draw what they had for breakfast that morning.
And also, to (creatively) paint their names using basic shapes.
We also had a flowered monogram activity and selected a winner for the best work!

The next Sunday, Mansy and I hosted the Rubbercut Crafternoon.The Forum on the 4th floor was once again packed with craft-loving participants.

Collection of Hand-carved Rubber Stamps by Mansy and me
I can't believe this is the first time I'm making a LifeAfterBreakfast stamp! haha :P
Thank you to fellow crafters who joined us: Fozzy, Mikko, Macy and Kaich!And thanks to Mary Imbong for covering the event! :)
Students made valentine cards for their seatmates :)
There's another Watercolor Crafternoon at FullyBooked on March 10.