Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kai-o-saurus' Crafty Dino Party

My roarin' little nephew Kai just turned 5!He celebrated with a crafty dinosaur-themed party planned by his Mimi (mommy) Noelle. His cousins, classmates and friends ate and played with him at Pipino last Sunday.The sole little girl at the party, cousin Winter, was there as a furry baby T-rex! So cute!
And here we are, the craft team: Rizza, me and Noelle, our craft leader for the day.
Allow me to give you a closer look at the wonderful details of this birthday party spread:
Dinosaur egg cake pops! I cut up a sheet of pattern paper into strips to make the nest.
Bottled water for the thirstyvore! Noelle printed out the labels and wrapped a strip of felt paper around the bottle. On the right is the dino stamp that I made. (I think it's the tiniest stamp I've ever carved!)
Pompoms and Dino garlands by Rizza
Pipino's vegan vanilla cupcakes with stamped & washi-ed wooden spoons by me
And then I styled this chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting using the dino toys Noelle got. Watercolored the mini "Kai" banner and strung it on two wooden sticks.
Noelle went all out with coffee filters and spray paint to make a cool #5!
Kids were entertained with dino bone excavation activities.
(ground coffee + dino skeleton toy + tub + paintbrushes) 
And there were dinosaur terrarium centerpieces and jars of "prehistoric" chocolate rocks!
Happy 5th birthday, Kai! :)