Friday, January 11, 2013

Crafts & Creativity with PJ & Alessa

Last Saturday was one of the most amazing (and tiring!) days of our life as husband and wife. In celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary (well, one of the celebrations, haha), PJ and I decided to hold a Crafts and Creativity class, a start-of-the-year one-day retreat for creatives and crafters!
We invaded Studio SnR in Ortigas for an entire day, switching from the left and right sides of the brain as PJ discussed creativity and motivational modules, and I took over the crafts part with watercolor, calligraphy and rubber-stamping.
We had a total of 22 participants for the workshop, and thank each one of them for being so game and willing to share and learn.
Beautiful stamped prints made by the participants during the "Timelines of Success" module. I wanted to take them all home and display them on my wall. Hehe :P
Calligraphy exercises and 2013 statements.
All my February crafternoons are already full, so I decided to open a new class! I'll be having another calligraphy crafternoon, this time, paired with PJ's motivational and creativity talks! :)