Monday, January 14, 2013

A Date with Myself in Hong Kong

Flew to HK for a couple of days last week. Been back thrice in 5 months, but I can't seem to get enough of it. I'm super lucky to have a husband who supports these 'solo trips' of mine. ;)

And thanks to the Hilarios in Hong Kong for adopting me during my stay. In return, I taught them some crafts!:P That's Tita Ian, Nikki, and Ynna doing some rubbercutting. And on the right, is the beautiful view from their 60th floor apartment in Tung Chung.
After resting a bit, I took the train to Central and enjoyed a candle-lit vegan dinner with myself in Life Cafe. I always make a stop to this place for the delicious Life Burger with tofu bacon. Downed a fresh mixed berry shake for some extra vitC (always remember to load up on this when you travel!).
On the second day, I went to HK's first Stationery Show. (This is the main reason why I was there.) I spent the whole day walking around the hall, inspecting every single thing, and talking and meeting with suppliers. I found what I wanted, and I'm excited for the next few months!
On the way home, I visited the Cath Kidston store in Causeway Bay. Everything was so pretty! And on sale! Picked up a few gifts for some friends.
Food break.

And then on my last day, I headed to the Art Stores in Mongkok. One thing I love about traveling alone is that I can take all the time I want 'inspecting' all the art supplies. These stores are so well-stocked, I was squealing (in my head) the whole time! Most of the store owners/store attendants speak English and can answer your queries about the materials.After many hours shopping and lugging around 20 pounds worth of art stuff (ouch), I was ready to head home. So. Much. Craft. Loot. Can't decide which one is my happiest find! Sneaker-shopping will have to wait 'til the next trip. ;)


Life Cafe
10 Shelley Street, Hong Kong

Cath Kidston
Ground Floor, Empire Court, Nos.2&4 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

Arts & Crafts Stores
Get off Mongkok MTR Station (Exit B2)
Go up the footbridge, and follow the signs that lead to Bute Street.
The arts & crafts stores are on Sai Yee corner Bute streets.