Monday, December 31, 2012

Make 2013 Your Most Creative Year Yet

I'm kicking off 2013 with a Crafts & Creativity workshop with PJ -- a one-day creative retreat where PJ talks about creativity management & marketing, visioneering, and 10 ways to succeed, while I handle the crafty activities such as watercolor, calligraphy, and stamping, coupled with lots of creativity exercises. I'm so excited for this class! It's the first time that PJ and I will be teaching together, and hopefully, the first of many more 'creative retreats' this coming year.
This morning, I made my last creative project of the year: stamped wall prints. Underpainted the canvas with neon acrylic paint (they sort of look like highlighters, haha), and then stamped over it with black ink. Above are four of the prints that will be exhibited in Pino Malingap this January.
I'm also super excited to announce the workshop schedule for the first quarter of 2013!
Yup, I've partnered with Fully Booked for next year's crafternoons!

February 3:

February 10:
Rubber Stamps

March 3:
Silver Clay Pendants & Charms

March 10:
Wooden Jewelry

All workshops fall on a Sunday, and will be held in Fully Booked BHS from 2-5pm.
Please check back on January 2 for the link to the sign-up form.


An artsy & crafty new year to all! ;)