Thursday, December 27, 2012

All {Crafty} Piggies Should Go to The Market

Whenever I travel, the local market will always be my favorite destination. I blame it on the shopping gene I inherited, and maybe because Markets = Veggies + Crafts. ;P I love it because market shopping is so easy on the wallet, and the fact that you support the local craftsman makes it even better.

I've written about some market finds before, and here's more.
Take a peek into this month's loot and pasalubongs:
They do neon+wood too (my current favorite combo)!
Pompom Toys (P20 each), Chopping Boards, Bamboo Flutes and Sungka.
Can't get any more random than that!
{Baguio Market}
Jute String (single & twined) and Wooden Spools
{Ilaya street, Divisoria}
Dyed and Woven Jute String
Coconut & Wooden Beads from Batangas
Bead Necklace from Kalinga Apayao
{Baguio Market}
Rose Cactus
Handwoven Kitchen Towels from Benguet
{Minesview market, Baguio}
Woven Basket
{Kamuning Market}
Miniature Stone Pots
{Baguio Market}
Wooden Stamps (thanks to the Somera Sisters!)
Stamped Pattern
{by Me :P}
{Baguio Market}
Glass Bottles
{Tabora St., Divisoria}
Wooden Stamp & Pencil Cases (thanks to PJ!)
Patterned Canvas Fabric (cut up and strung into a banner)
{Juan Luna St., Divisoria}
Strawberry plant & fruits
Passion Fruit, Persimmon, and Oranges from Sagada
Pine cones
Giant Eggplants & A Pile of Ginger
Miniature Woven Baskets, Tampipis, and Wooden Pipes

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