Saturday, November 10, 2012

Paper+Print Love: My New Business Cards

When I find paper stock that I love, can't help but have a prolonged affair with it.Say hello to my new business cards. Wood texture printed on Neenah blotter paper. I was first introduced to Neenah Papers at the Paper, Print and Production class that I attended at NYU back in '04, where we learned everything we needed to know about going to press (off-set printing). That was one of the BEST classes I've ever taken simply because it prepared me for graphic design life. Plus, I met a really good friend there. (Hi, Georgy! :P)

Now, here's what makes me more in love with my business cards (sorry, is that just so narcissistic? haha) -- The neon orange edge painting. My printer (whom I have worked with for over 10 years already!) was scared to do it, but I urged them to please, please, try it for me, and ta-dah!! Success! I'm really happy with the way they turned out.That's 415gsm (really thick!) card stock. I say 'prolonged affair' with this stock because I've used it in three different design projects already. This might even be true love.

On the flip side of my business cards is Pipino's card.Gotta make the most of this tiny, but mighty self-promotion tool!
 Each card cost me about P4 per piece. It actually came out cheaper than digital printing (which comes out to about P5.25 per piece for 2-sided printing). Plus, you can't print this card stock digitally! :PHeart!