Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Couple Costume for Halloween

We brought it (and brought the house down) for annual Halloween party at our friend Mark's place. Costume was a requirement by our party host, and FUNNY was The requirement by my husband. A few years ago, we went as this, and we knew we had to top that. We brainstormed for days and were supposed to go as a santacruzan couple, but at the last minute,  I decided to change our initial idea because with the new restos opening and all, I didn't have time to make floral arcs. Good thing we had a funnier (and easier!) back-up idea:

For this Halloween, we dressed up as guards/bag checkers at the shopping mall, who save the world every day and combat terrorism with their sharp eyes and drumsticks (sometimes, even with a ballpoint pen!)."Good evening! Bag check, please, Mam-Sir!"

Got our P80 gloves form the department store, which will prove to be useful in future halloween costumes, should we decide to be mimes or magicians. Haha!Paul willingly submitted himself to PJ for kapkap.
Photo Credit: Ana Unson

And here are everyone else's costumes!Photo Credit: Elaine Dizon

Maybe next year we'll finally decide to go for a cutesy costume. Or not!!! :P