Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Giftwrap Stamping

It's no secret that I'm a morning person (hello, 5am email timestamps and 6am tweets!). It's somewhat impossible to sleep in when there are all these little craft ideas jumping around in my head, screaming "Energy! Energy!" (with matching aerobics head and wristbands) to half-asleep me, which compel me to get up and get to work.

Exhibit A, these bling stamps. I had a mental picture of doing all kinds of diamond cuts: asscher, emerald, square, teardrop, and so on, but after executing a couple, my crafty itch was scratched, and was actually already quite pleased. Those other diamond cuts will have to wait another crafty morning.
Later in the day (and by later, I mean at 11:30 am), I headed to Studio SnR in Ortigas for my 2nd Rubbercut Stamping workshop with Mansy. I used the stamps I made, but this time, layering them on top of each other to mimic off-registration printing (love.) with hints of gold dust from previous inking (double love.).
Also stamped on wrapping paper to make samples for the class. That's Mansy's handmade stamp and signature fern stamp in white ink on the right.

And because there was STILL time left, I made a snowflake stamp!
The class was treated to *unlimited* kraft wrapping paper.Unlimited, meaning as many as they could stamp during the class. But they also got to take home rolls of paper to stamp at home!
We mixed the Christmassy watercolors to put on blank inkpads.
And then we got right down to drawing, carving and stamping. 
I was so impressed with everyone's work!
Even my assistant Beverly did some stamps of her own!
Another fun crafternoon!(Stamps by Mansy)

Thank you to all our students!

I'm already mapping out my 2013 workshops, and really looking forward to holding crafternoons in different parts of the country! :)