Friday, November 30, 2012

Download: December 2012 Printable Calendar

In true freebie fashion, here's the December 2012 printable calendar: with giant-hardware-store-year-end-giveaway-for-all-our-clients-and-friends kind of design, featuring gigantic bold fonts (Baskerville bold italic, one of my faves!) fit for a wall calendar. Haha. But it is meant to be on/by your desk, written on, or as I like it, folded and tucked inside my notebook or bag pocket. (I really do that, for easy reference!) The giant numbers will hopefully help you keep track of the days and the dates of all your holiday parties and get-togethers this chaotic Christmas season.

Anyway, I think it fits the bill perfectly. After all, this literally is a year-end-giveaway-for-all-of-you time, because --can you believe it?!-- this one marks the first year of my free printable calendars.  You're welcome. :P Enjoy!