Friday, November 16, 2012

Crafty Bits

There's always something on top of my craft table.
These were supposed to be bibingka cupcakes, but because they're vegan, they ended up being mochi cupcakes. I learned the hard way that what makes bibingka (rice cakes) bibingka, are all the butter, eggs, and salted egg mixed in. But these mochi cupcakes are surprisingly yummy! When I realized that they didn't go as planned, I went rogue and decided to mix in ground black sesame into the frosting, only because I love black sesame anything. 
Patty invited her closest friends and we hung out at Pino for her wedding crafternoon! Although we weren't able to finish everything, we were able to start a on a lot of projects and delegate tasks to Patty's crafty bridesmaids. Crafting + chismis with friends is so much fun! :P 
(Photos above by Sheila Catilo)
PJ and I are planning to give DIY presents this Christmas. Here are samples of some personalized stamp + notecard sets I made. E-mail me at if you're looking for unique and affordable Christmas gifts :)
3D paper letters for Alonzo's christening
Watercolored bird. This one's a blue-throated bee eater. I was waiting for dinner, and decided to practice underpainting techniques. I am always too lazy to use a pencil, but after my experience with this painting, I think I should try to sketch out the drawing first. The good thing about thick watercolor paper is that it can handle water well, which makes it easier to "erase" and blend colors.

Shake yo''s Friday! ;)