Friday, November 30, 2012

Download: December 2012 Printable Calendar

In true freebie fashion, here's the December 2012 printable calendar: with giant-hardware-store-year-end-giveaway-for-all-our-clients-and-friends kind of design, featuring gigantic bold fonts (Baskerville bold italic, one of my faves!) fit for a wall calendar. Haha. But it is meant to be on/by your desk, written on, or as I like it, folded and tucked inside my notebook or bag pocket. (I really do that, for easy reference!) The giant numbers will hopefully help you keep track of the days and the dates of all your holiday parties and get-togethers this chaotic Christmas season.

Anyway, I think it fits the bill perfectly. After all, this literally is a year-end-giveaway-for-all-of-you time, because --can you believe it?!-- this one marks the first year of my free printable calendars.  You're welcome. :P Enjoy!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Crafts: Mushroom Prints

Yesterday, someone sent over some free mushroom samples to me. (One of the perks of having a resto, haha!) But instead of consuming them, I decided to draw them.Sketched them roughly, and then decided that they would be cooler as rubber stamps. I was at the HeyKessy Messy Washi Party, but I couldn't resist the urge to start carving them.
My happy fungi stamp family

For my washi party project, I made a print layered with washi paper grass,then sewed and bound it using more washi tape.

I also made a leaf stamp, and connected the prints to form a vine-y pattern. Layered a mushroom print over it. Stamp layering is love!
This morning, I stamped on a canvas totebag, too!After stamping, I heat-pressed the tote to seal the ink.
Happy Sunday to you! :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Craft Your Hands, Everybody: Year-End Craft Workshops



HEY KESSY MESSY WASHI PARTYClick here to sign up for the Washi Party!


GLASS ETCHING & JAM MAKINGAs part of the 13 Days of Christmas series by CraftMNL, we'll be making our own jams, and bottling them in etched glass jars, to give away as gifts for the holidays! Join us for some homemade handmade love! Workshop fee is P1000 and part of the proceeds go to Virlanie Foundation.


THE 3RD CRAFT SOIREEI'm extremely excited for this coming craft soiree, because it's the biggest one yet! All 32 slots have already been filled up. To those who joined, see you on December 8 at Pino!


HANDMADE HOLIDAY Hang out with us on December 9, and let's make the gifts we'll give this Christmas, such as totebags, stamps, postcards, stickers, and bracelets. Aside from all the crafty materials and tools, we'll also have a giftwrapping station there. All you will need to bring is your Christmas list and P150 entrance fee, which is inclusive of snacks.


For the Makati folks, we're bringing another workshop to you! This time, you get to make and decorate gingerbread cookies, and individually package them to give away to your friends this Christmas! Workshop fee is P1000 and part of the proceeds go to Virlanie Foundation.


MOMMY & ME CRAFT WORKSHOPHere's a workshop that's perfect for some family bonding! Teacher Isa will be teaching you how to make mini stamps and jewelry. Basic workshop fee is P250 per head, inclusive of a basic set of materials. (Additional materials will be available for purchase.) All ages are welcome!


A CREATIVE RETREAT WITH PJ & ALEMy husband PJ is a motivational speaker, a marketing consultant, and a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) instructor, and I'm teaming up with him for this Crafts & Creativity FULL DAY Workshop! It will be a perfect start-of-the-year retreat for the creative soul.

We'll help you manage your creative goals, and give tips on how to market yourself as a creative. PJ will teach (us) how right-brained beings can use their left brains more, intertwined with my arts & crafts lessons in watercolor typography, calligraphy, and basic embroidery. Workshop fee is P2500 for the whole day, inclusive of all materials, lunch & snacks. Limited slots available!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Crafty Bits

There's always something on top of my craft table.
These were supposed to be bibingka cupcakes, but because they're vegan, they ended up being mochi cupcakes. I learned the hard way that what makes bibingka (rice cakes) bibingka, are all the butter, eggs, and salted egg mixed in. But these mochi cupcakes are surprisingly yummy! When I realized that they didn't go as planned, I went rogue and decided to mix in ground black sesame into the frosting, only because I love black sesame anything. 
Patty invited her closest friends and we hung out at Pino for her wedding crafternoon! Although we weren't able to finish everything, we were able to start a on a lot of projects and delegate tasks to Patty's crafty bridesmaids. Crafting + chismis with friends is so much fun! :P 
(Photos above by Sheila Catilo)
PJ and I are planning to give DIY presents this Christmas. Here are samples of some personalized stamp + notecard sets I made. E-mail me at if you're looking for unique and affordable Christmas gifts :)
3D paper letters for Alonzo's christening
Watercolored bird. This one's a blue-throated bee eater. I was waiting for dinner, and decided to practice underpainting techniques. I am always too lazy to use a pencil, but after my experience with this painting, I think I should try to sketch out the drawing first. The good thing about thick watercolor paper is that it can handle water well, which makes it easier to "erase" and blend colors.

Shake yo''s Friday! ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Giftwrap Stamping

It's no secret that I'm a morning person (hello, 5am email timestamps and 6am tweets!). It's somewhat impossible to sleep in when there are all these little craft ideas jumping around in my head, screaming "Energy! Energy!" (with matching aerobics head and wristbands) to half-asleep me, which compel me to get up and get to work.

Exhibit A, these bling stamps. I had a mental picture of doing all kinds of diamond cuts: asscher, emerald, square, teardrop, and so on, but after executing a couple, my crafty itch was scratched, and was actually already quite pleased. Those other diamond cuts will have to wait another crafty morning.
Later in the day (and by later, I mean at 11:30 am), I headed to Studio SnR in Ortigas for my 2nd Rubbercut Stamping workshop with Mansy. I used the stamps I made, but this time, layering them on top of each other to mimic off-registration printing (love.) with hints of gold dust from previous inking (double love.).
Also stamped on wrapping paper to make samples for the class. That's Mansy's handmade stamp and signature fern stamp in white ink on the right.

And because there was STILL time left, I made a snowflake stamp!
The class was treated to *unlimited* kraft wrapping paper.Unlimited, meaning as many as they could stamp during the class. But they also got to take home rolls of paper to stamp at home!
We mixed the Christmassy watercolors to put on blank inkpads.
And then we got right down to drawing, carving and stamping. 
I was so impressed with everyone's work!
Even my assistant Beverly did some stamps of her own!
Another fun crafternoon!(Stamps by Mansy)

Thank you to all our students!

I'm already mapping out my 2013 workshops, and really looking forward to holding crafternoons in different parts of the country! :) 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Paper+Print Love: My New Business Cards

When I find paper stock that I love, can't help but have a prolonged affair with it.Say hello to my new business cards. Wood texture printed on Neenah blotter paper. I was first introduced to Neenah Papers at the Paper, Print and Production class that I attended at NYU back in '04, where we learned everything we needed to know about going to press (off-set printing). That was one of the BEST classes I've ever taken simply because it prepared me for graphic design life. Plus, I met a really good friend there. (Hi, Georgy! :P)

Now, here's what makes me more in love with my business cards (sorry, is that just so narcissistic? haha) -- The neon orange edge painting. My printer (whom I have worked with for over 10 years already!) was scared to do it, but I urged them to please, please, try it for me, and ta-dah!! Success! I'm really happy with the way they turned out.That's 415gsm (really thick!) card stock. I say 'prolonged affair' with this stock because I've used it in three different design projects already. This might even be true love.

On the flip side of my business cards is Pipino's card.Gotta make the most of this tiny, but mighty self-promotion tool!
 Each card cost me about P4 per piece. It actually came out cheaper than digital printing (which comes out to about P5.25 per piece for 2-sided printing). Plus, you can't print this card stock digitally! :PHeart!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The CBTL 2013 Planner: A Year of Crafts & Giving

It feels great to be able to say that you made something yourself. But what's even greater is to be able to give these handmade crafts as presents for others. This is the concept behind CBTL's 2013 Giving Journal, a planner that gives back to the community by supporting the Real Life Foundation, and at the same time, encourages you to make + give to your loved ones.
Every monthly divider features moments and things that the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf celebrates, as well as handmade crafts that you can make yourself. You can also expect planner staples such as the Giving Game Plan to be part of the inside pages of the planner.
The 2013 CBTL planner comes in two beautiful shades of brown.Photo Credit: Jose Raphael Hilario

For this planner, I worked closely with Dar and Em, and designed the cover, dividers, and crafts, while Beam worked on the inside pages. Ralph Hilario shot all the divider photos and product shots. Here's a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the 2013 CBTL planner!
Music by Brian Mendoza

Oh, and the best thing about it is that you only need 12 stamps to redeem your planner! :) It'll definitely be much easier for everyone to give and give back this year.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday7: TopShots

ONEWhile plant-shopping, I passed by a bed of baby cactus and wanted to buy them all. Love all the patterns and detail. Gives me an idea: I want to paint these cute little cactus for the next watercolor crafternoon! Will post the details this coming week.

TWOBig feet on sandy shores. I am dreaming of a weekday beach escape.

THREEDiningding. This dish from Ilokos is usually made with fish. There was a special, separate vegetarian bowl for me at the lunch table. Yay :)

FOURMy new favorite notepad, and it's by BDJ. Dotted graph, perforated sheets, beautiful stock.

FIVEPosters from Mike Perry's kickstarter just arrived. I'm thinking of framing them and hanging them at Pino ;)

SIXPlate shopping. Love mixing and matching. Another (fun) day in this life. Haha :P

SEVENLazy nail art. Saw so many of these nail stickers on my last trip to Hong Kong, and I just had to try them out. I loved these metallic foil ones, but they couldn't withstand my hands' crafting schedule. Good enough for special occasions though!

Happy Sunday to all! :)