Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding Crafts: Nins & Cassie's Beach Ceremony

PJ and I spent the past long weekend in Davao for our friends Cassie and Niño's beach wedding.
PJ was a groomsman, while I helped the couple out by doing some crafts for their reception.
I asked for some leftover wood from the Pino construction from our designer/friend Paolo (who was also a groomsman at the wedding!) and used them for directional signs.
I used black acrylic paint on wood with a giant round brush for this.

Back in Manila, I watercolored a map & programme, which I sent to their friend and supercoordinator, JV, who had them printed, cut, and folded.
For their photo wall, PJ and I painted on burlap, and I hung it in between two coconut trees.
Strung the couples' photos over the guest book area.And my old, yet freshly ribbon-inked typewriter saw the sun after a really long time.

Used leftover black acrylic paint on wooden frames to make these L-O-V-E chalkboard letters.
At the ceremony, they gave away these lovely hats and fedoras, in case it got too hot. PJ painted this sign below. Weather was gloomy but cooperating, until the actual ceremony when it started to rain!But on they marched......and though the drizzle dared to dampen the event, it did not win over Cassie's bridal glow. :)
Haha! :P
I screenprinted totebags (all 110 of them) and made tags for them as well.
Thanks to CraftMNL for burning my screen!
Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.
Congrats and best wishes to the new Mr. & Mrs. Niño Laus!