Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stamped: Isaiah's Power Rangers Birthday

My sister-in-law Olive asked me to design my nephew Isaiah's birthday party invitations. And because the little kid is a PowerRangers addict, I just knew I had to design something along that theme.
I carved out rubber stamps of the PowerRangers heads, and designed a stamp with the logo's lightning bolt in Isaiah's name. Used sturdy kraft board stock (you can get at Papemelroti), and stamped using Artline pads & ink, except for the yellow and pink, where I used watercolor ink. After designing the invites, I wrapped the stamps in a box and gifted them all to him!
And then I asked our friend, the super talented Gel Colet of SwellSweets to make a birthday cake in line with the theme. My bro-in-law Ruben said that Isaiah was so amazed when he saw the cake!
Now THAT's how you make a 4-year old super happy on his birthday! :P
We love you, Isaiah! :)