Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pass a Note to Teacher

I wonder, do students today still pass notes and letters to each other? I have boxes and piles of letters from friends and classmates, some with messages so ridiculously random, and others with promises of everlasting friendship and ill-be-there-for-you's. If you and your friends still have your old letters laying around, I suggest you meet up, read them together, and indulge yourselves in a kabag-filled laughtrip session, which is just what my college buddies and I did one random Sunday afternoon.

It may seem foolish to still collect these old letters after so many years, but keeping these letters is sort of an act of gratitude for the special handwritten message your friend made for you. My stash of letters bring many good and cringe-worthy memories that remind me of who I was and am. It also reminds me of how silly we all were (and still are!).
Eight years later, and my friend Chiara still has this...notebook paper edge.
But only because I have a love letter written on it. :P

We're re-visiting our love for passing notes in class. Tomorrow, October 5, is World Teachers' Day, and the Department of Education is launching a #ThankYouTeacher online campaign. I encourage everyone to "pass a note to teacher" by tweeting or posting a thank you message to your favorite teacher/s who made an impact in your life. I already have a number of professors I want to name and thank tomorrow!

Send in your #thankyouteacher messages, and tomorrow, I'll be live-doodling all your notes all afternoon, and we'll be posting them on DepEd Philippine's Facebook Page!