Saturday, October 20, 2012

One and Thirty

Happy 1st anniversary to my blog and happy birthday to me!

It has been an AMAZING year, and all I have to say is Thank You for taking the time out of your busy days to drop by my blog. I am grateful for all the new friends I met in the craft soirees and crafternoons this year. I'll be celebrating with some of them at a crafty lunch & party later!

Little critters say hello!
I made 4-strand braided bracelets, which I'll be giving out to my party guests today.
At the 2nd Craft Soiree, I gave out these watercolored quotes, and today, I'm giving them again to my crafter guests in Mini Poster form. To those who signed up for the sticker giveaway, hang tight, production is almost done. ;)
Gaaah! 30! I'm still in denial. But thank you for all of the greetings! :)