Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Crafts: Getting in the Spirit with Ria Faust

Today's blog post is by my cousin Ate Ria, who lives halfway across the globe. Yes, folks, crafting DOES run in our blood. :) Being the eldest cousin in my mom's side, Ate Ria influenced us with her artsy ways. From sewing her own prom dress, to scrapbooking her photo albums, to planning themed parties, she was, and is, our family's ultimate crafty idol. Like I always say, I can't even begin to imagine the things we could do if all of us cousins lived in the same city. Meet Ria and read all about her crafty halloween!

Ria is a marketing consultant by trade, graphic designer, party planner for friends and family, and world traveler. She likes crafting with felt to make crowns, hats, and party decoration. She lives in the San Francisco bay area with husband Marcus and 9-month old daughter Amelia.

Getting in the Spirit

It's Amelia's first Halloween, plus her cousin Winter is visiting from Seattle. That's enough of an excuse for a Halloween party for us!

First, the couture du jour. My little frequent flier dressed as a pilot for her namesake Amelia Earhart this year. The pilot cap and goggles were from Etsy (knitting is not a skill on my mommy resume), while the aviator jacket was made by hand--mine (sewing IS on the mommy resume).Amelia is too young to fly by herself, so Cool Bear was recruited as copilot. (His name is attributed to the fact that he is too cool to smile.) And since every pilot must have her own aircraft, I built the Golden Goose Airstreamer with silver and neon pink accents. The propeller really spins!
10-month old cousin Winter is the cutest, littlest pumpkin in the patch.
Spookiness spilled onto a few areas of the house. Our pet zebra in the entry hall got festive with a mask and greeted everyone with welcome bats. 
The usual artwork above the fireplace was swapped for spooky faces that I drew on Illustrator and printed on card stock.
Dead man’s fingers crudité and Sprinkles pumpkin cupcake quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”
Upside down witch cakes.
Ghost chips and ghoul dip.Spooky Spirits mystery flavor tastes like tangerine. Curiosity Cola tastes like satisfaction. Pumpkin Ale for the guys, because we are thoughtful and it matched our theme. Haha.

The TRICK.Instead of candy we gave our little trick-or-treaters Halloween books, which my sister Rizza mummified and displayed on the bookshelf. 
Boo bye!

Happy Halloween, everyone!:)