Monday, October 22, 2012

Crafty30 BirthdayParty + ShabuShabuChic Dinner

To be honest, I was terrified of turning a year older this year. I can't believe I'm not in my twenties anymore! WAAAH! I want to cry. (Not kidding.) I want to be forever 24. (Still not kidding.) So when I was planning my birthday party, I knew I had to make it superfun to distract me from the fact that I was turning 30. And since I was also celebrating my blog's first year anniv in the internets, of course, I had to do some cool craft activity!

I invited fellow craft bloggers to join me for lunch + crafternoon at Burger Project. It was my first time to meet some of them in person, but if you've followed the craft soiree and other crafternoons, you'll see many familiar faces.

PJ did the chalk art!Mansy and her giant burger.

Yay, crafters! :)
Thanks to Peej for taking all the photos!
My nephew Kai came with a box of carrot cupcakes for me!
My only photos of Em and Dar...nakatalikod pa! Hehe sorry!

After lunch, we began with some announcements.....and I presented my newest collaboration with Anthill Fabric Gallery and Carabao Crafts!Will post more details later on how you can pre-order your own pair of handwoven & handmade brogues, backpacks, bags, belts, and bracelets! Notice, they all start with a B? Because B is for Breakfast, my favorite meal of the day! :P

Then we proceeded to crafting! The task of the day was to design two canvas totes: one that we would exchange with each other, and the other will be used to raise funds for classroom chairs for a school in Masbate. The crafters knew about this activity and came with their own appliques and art materials.
Lorraine and Reg of also joined us for the crafternoon!Our littlest crafter, Kai finished his totebag before everyone else. Sigh. Don't you envy the artistic mind of a four-year-old, where creative blocks do not exist?
I painted my own tote for the exchange, too!

And then Noelle, Clems and I went outside to spray dye our 2nd totes.
Added white birds on mine when it was dry.
Drea, Allie and Koko.
Sharpies on canvas... fun!

Love Trey's crocheted flowersAnd Beam's illustrations!

Black and white hearts by NoelleHandwritten Type by Anna, Macy, and Mikko
Marielle of CraftMNL gave out screenprinted posters for everyone!
All of us with our crafty canvas totes.

I had lootbags for everyone! Many crafter guests also gave out their products.Watercolored quote poster, Canvas Tote & Leather bracelet by LifeAfterBreakfast. (me)
Gift Certificate from Artwine.
Cupcake Charm by Anna Achacoso-Graham.
Magnet from Mariel of SittingPretty Craft Studio.
Scrapbooking set by Jeanie dela Rama.
Knitted Pencil grip by Kaich.
Handstamped postcard by Mansy.
Save/Do MemoPad from Dar and Em of Belle de Jour.
Lace Earrings from Ayra.
Notepad from April of Designs of Artisan.
Paper flower by Victoria Velasco.

Mikko also made these cool gimp keychains, which were give to the winners of the best bag designs, and Kaity gave out her photo bookmarks in select goodie bags ;)

Thank you to everyone who came to the party!Thanks for dropping by, Muffin, and to Clems and Jas for helping me during the party.

What's great about having a craft party is that all your guests are super creative, and you get loads of cool crafty gifts! Got amazing birthday loot this year. Thank you!! :)
After the crafternoon, we headed to dinner with my family and best friends.
Cousins, cousin-in-law, sister, sister-in-law...Of course, being my sister-cousin, Noey was there again! :P

This place serves the best shabushabu in the land.Matching hot mommas Gin and Joan with Von & JR
Kiddos Isaiah, Kai and Mio with Tito PJ

The family is growing!Gave away lootbags to the ladies at the party, and braided bracelets to everyone! :)

And then they surprised me with the best birthday cake ever:A Vegan Banana-chia-chocolate cake from Pino, PinoKitchenStudio, The Burger Project, and Pipino!

It was a happy birthday, indeed. Thank you for all the birthday greetings!