Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend with Girlfriends

First stop of the weekend was Nicole's baby shower.My turn to brave the roads to get down south! Good thing there was (surprisingly) no traffic last Saturday. Nic looks so radiant and doesn't seem preggers at all, save for the bump! ;)

It was a blue and green themed party prepared by Nic's bff Jackie. Good job!!
Wall 'art' of baby things, prepared by Nicole's mom
Super delicious fudge brownies and of course, I brought cupcake giveaways from Pipino! :)
Played fun games like guess the baby in the pic!

And of course, I won! HAHA :PKelly and Patty with my prize contributions: handstamped cards
 Congrats and good luck to Nicole and Jaime! :)

After that, I headed back to The QC for Alexis' buurrrthday.Our first pic of the night: a sign of all random things to come.

Happy birthday, LexySexy!"Now, look at anything else other than the camera." Ano???!

PYRAMID TIME!!!I have no explanation for this.
 Ginny, Gin, Jinkie, Joan, Alexis, Alessa.
 Von the celeb!
But see, we can pose well also.

Sunday date was a kabag-fest all on its own.Had lunch with Chiara, Carl and Lar in a random Korean hole-in-the-wall recommended by Lar. And then off to "malling" in Powerplant for dessert. That's when Chiara whipped out this pile of long forgotten love letters and notes passed from a decade ago. Like she said, how did we ever pass college?
I love you girls. :D