Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday7: Shades of Jade & Jewelry-Making

ONEMorning meet up in Laguna with Muffin

TWOMy kind of shopping: freshly harvested bananas, coconuts and pineapples sold on the side of the road

 THREEShades of Jade

FOURWove stretchy gold bangles while waiting for my sister's x-rays (dislocated foot)

FIVEI'm  back to teaching jewelry to gradeschool and highschool students every Wednesday. We made these rope & gemstone necklaces this week.

SIXBig thank you to Aika for this surprise gift! I tried it on the old school nameplate bracelet that I got from   the Baguio market. Now I wanna engrave on everything! :P

SEVENStamped totebags with a triangle-cut eraser! (I obvi went crazy on neon textile paint!)

Happy Sunday to all!