Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday7: Giddy like a Kiddie

ONEI was cleaning my craft boxes and came across (part of) my old sticker collection. Sandylion stickers! Do they still make these? I remember buying a perforated square for P10-P15 at their stores in the malls! All I found were these shiny foil ones. I want furry felt stickers.

TWOIt always is such an honor when you're invited back to your alma mater. I was invited to speak at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (well, not exactly my alma mater, but still Ateneo :P), and I'm also currently working on a book project for Poveda.The campus feels the same, yet it looks so different!

THREEThe Lanot family (my in-laws) was complete for a few weeks. Mama and Papi are home from the States, and Elena and Kuya Chie visited from Singapore. :) I love being with parents and siblings, and being reminded of the importance of family.We watched a magic show fundraising night for the flood victims, featuring the best magician ever, our dear tito Lou Hilario! :) SO much fun!

FOURI had a visitor for a day! Kai came over our house one random weekday and we played games, cooked pancakes, and talked about random 4-year-old-worthy cuentos!

FIVEPlayed with my brush pens and jumbled the phrases of the most popular pangram. It's an 'angry' kind of calligraphy, with quicker and bolder strokes. Feels different, and I like it.

SIXMade CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) --the color combination that makes my heart skip a beat-- hand-stamped greeting cards. I can't get over how fun stamping is! Packing them in sets of 6 for the HipPinoy Art + Food Fair! :)

SEVENAnd my dream to have Pipino published on the pages of an airline magazine has come true! Thanks to Tata Mapa & Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine for featuring us in the article "Meatless in Manila"!

Sunday is the perfect day to think about all these things I am thankful for.
Hope you all have a great day! :)