Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday7: Blurring the Line between Work and Play

ONEI specialize in wobbly calligraphy. Haha. Did this for my friends' wedding invitation envelopes. (And I will only do this for friends! Such a tedious task. :P)

TWOPJ went to Cebu for work and brought back a box filled with my customized LifeAfterBreakfast weaves from Anthill Fabric Gallery! I almost teared up (left side, outer cheek) when I laid them all out for this photo. Kilig! Haha. I'm so excited to turn them over for production.

THREEAfter a meeting in CBTL Katipunan the other day, it started to rain. I didn't have an umbrella, so I was stuck in the building. Decided to get my nails done and tried Sebastian's sapin-sapin ice cream. SOooooo crazily good.

FOURFinally visited the GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan. It's a great (nearby) getaway from the polluted city. I joined the first part of the Flow Farm weekend. Was able to squeeze in a meeting over lunch, too!

FIVEFriday did NOT feel like my usual frantic Friday because of Couples Bowling Night! Buddy and Pat were the clear winners, with strikes and spares that made us all look like wimps. Disco bowling to MJ tunes is the shizz!!

SIXWe launched The Burger Taft to the media last week, and after all the madness, I created my own "salad" burger: tofu patty, no buns, mango salsa, pinapple slice, sliced onions, lotsa lettuce, and garlic sauce. It's my new favorite!!!

SEVENHad another Watercolor Crafternoon yesterday at Pino. Thanks to all 25 participants to came to join me, instead of watching the ADMU-DLSU game. (WHYYYY are the games scheduled on all my crafternoon dates?? Hehe.) I'll be posting the new schedule of workshops on Tuesday, so watch out for that. And it's October tomorrow, so I'll be posting the printable calendar, too!

Happy Sunday! :)