Thursday, September 20, 2012

Craft Supplies Shopping in Hong Kong

Hi, I'm Alessa, and I'm an art materials addict.

The thing about arts&crafts materials hoarding is that you feel like what you have is never enough. I'm lucky that I use them for my job, so at least I can sort of justify this addiction. :P

Today, I was supposed to write about our other foodie finds in HK, but as I was unpacking my suitcase, I got too excited seeing all my craft loot! Here are some my purchases:

PAINT & INK1 Sakura Koi Watercolor Set of 24 colours (I didn't even know they had 24-colour sets!)
2 Sakura Micron pens
3 Calligraphy Ink Stick
4 Calligraphy Nibs
5 Kuretake 6-pan paint set with felt tip pen. (Need to experiment on this because I have no clue what it's for. Ceramics, maybe?)

WOOD6 Laser-cut wooden bookmark
7 A new wooden ruler to add to my collection
8 Gold, silver and sepia stamp pads
9 Uppercase Alphabet stamp set
10 Mini wooden clips

CLICK11 The Impossible Project's color shade Polaroid film. I'm giving Polaroid one last shot before I give it up. Film is just too expensive and I'm not happy with the Impossible Project's silver shade film.
12 Rainbow Instax film
13 Extra battery for my Canon G12

PATTERN14 Printed graph pads
15 Washi tape
16 Rainbow washi tape was too cute to resist
17 Sailor-themed fabric

Here's a little guide for those of you planning a shopping trip in Hong Kong soon:Man Luen Choon Chinese Stationeries sells almost everything: pigment, rice paper, brushes, ceramics, craft supplies, and books. Thing is, it's a bit hard to shop there if you can't read chinese characters. The men over the counter were busy entertaining the other customers, and I was shy to ask too many questions. So I just bought what I knew: and Ink Stick, and a paint set.
Our hotel was about 2 blocks from K11 Design Mall. Love exploring that mall because there's always something new to see, and every corner features something related to art, fashion or design. On the 3rd floor, there's artJAM where you can join a painting session, or purchase art materials from. (Can you spot the acrylic neon paint? I had to stop myself, haha.) One floor above it, you'll find HKID gallery, a kiosk that features handmade goodies by local artists and some craft supplies as well.

Kong Yick at Sai Yee street in Mongkok reminds me of our art supplies stores here in Recto. I zoned in on the micron pens and watercolor sets. They also have an assortment of calligraphy nibs from Japan.
Just along the same street (Sai Yee) are a bunch of other craft supplies stores. There was even a yarn shop there (but we didn't have enough time to go inside). And on the corner of Sai Yee and Bute Streets, you'll find the Art Supplies Professional store.


Man Luen Choon Chinese Stationeries
2nd floor of Harvest Building, 29-35 Wing Kut Street, Central, Hong Kong

K11 Art Mall
18 Hanoi Roi, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Kwong Yick / Craft Supplies Store / Art Supplies Professional
Sai Yee Street cor. Bute Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong

City Super
(various locations around Hong Kong)