Monday, August 20, 2012

Stamping Sunday: Ikat Rubbercuts

For me, Sunday mornings are the perfect time to experiment on new crafts. I bought a carving set a while back, but never opened it until yesterday.
My super thoughtful Mama-in-law gave me LOTS of erasers for pasalubong, which were part of an arts&crafts themed stationery set. I decided to open up a pack and make some rubber stamps! This is, of course, inspired by Lorra and Mansy, two of the super talented participants of the Craft Soiree, which was held last Saturday at Pipino. :) Will write more about the event later.
I made several designs. I wanted to layer one print on top of the other, to create ikat / handwoven pattern. I cut halfway through some of the eraser blocks, and then for one, I sliced all the way through and stuck them on recycled chipboard.
Ikat Rubbercut Stamps
These are the prints I made. I love patterns! ;)Used watercolor ink + foam for these. The trick is to drop different colors on the foam to achieve the wet-on-wet technique for the stamp!

Need to practice more. This is so much fun!!
Stamping Crafternoon, anyone? ;) Tweet me if you're interested!