Thursday, August 30, 2012

Download: September 2012 Printable Calendar

I never believed in the theories of August being a ghost month, but looking at the number of posts I wrote for the month seems to prove it to be true. Between crafting, work, a few parties here and there, and more work, I've sort of pulled away from the blog and enjoyed reality without feeling the pressure to document every single thing.

In August, I mended a broken friendship, visited my high school campus, dined with my Pipino staff, told someone how I really felt, devoured UNphotographed meals (haha!), and discovered the joy of rubbercutting & stamping. I thank the heavens for another clean slate of a month and for all the crafty promises that September brings.
This morning I woke up with an idea in my head, and quickly hopped over to my crafting table (sans breakfast) to execute it.
First step: Draw on the eraser, or rub your penciled design on it.
Second step: Carve out the design.
Third step: Customize your stamp pad.

And then stamp away! :)
Say hello to the Brrr Months!
Not -Ber but Brrr as in malamig. Well, sana lumamig! :P