Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Build Your Disaster Kits

The rain has been pouncing on Manila nonstop, and it's flooded almost everywhere, but I hope that this post is not yet too late. When calamity strikes, running water, electricity and telecommunication may not always be available. I don't wish for the time that you will ever need to use these Emergency/Disaster Kits, but best be safe than sorry.

My husband PJ is so diligent when it comes to these disaster kits, charging batteries and checking electrical outlets even during a common thunderstorm. He has shared this list with our relatives, but I don't know if anyone has built a kit for themself yet. If you are currently stuck at home because of the bad weather, utilize this time to prepare your own emergency kits. I hope you find these lists useful.
The Emergency Kit should include:
- Water (Store 1 gallon per person x 3 days)
- Food (Good for at least 3 days per person; non-refrigerated, low salt, minimal cooking such as canned or dried fruit, vegetables, crackers, cereal, nuts, canned food, bottled/boxed/canned juice)
- Cooking supplies
- Plates and Utensils
- Manual Can Opener
- First Aid Kit (disposable gloves; soap; bandages; towelettes; scissors; eye wash solution; basic over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol, antihistamine, anti-diarrhea; prescription medications; medical monitoring equipment)
- Copies of important documents and phone numbers
- Set of clothes and rain gear for each person (from undies to shoes)
- Personal hygene items
- Rubber gloves and rain boots
- Disposable camera
- Duct tape & utility knife
- Heavy duty rope
- Lighter
- Candles
- Blankets
- Plastic bags

Prepare a backpack, properly labeled for each family member, in case you need to evacuate quickly. Each bag should contain:
- Flashlight
- Batteries
- Radio
- Whistle
- Dust mask
- Utility Knife
- Cash in small denominations
- A set of clothes & shoes
- Bottled Water & Food
- Paper, permanent markers, tape
- Photos of family members for identification
- List of emergency numbers
- Copy of identification cards and health documents
- Medicine Kit
- Personal hygene kit
- Extra keys to house and cars

While you're gathering the contents of your kits, look for items that you can pack & donate to flood victims. Stay safe, and keep praying!


Emergency Hotlines:

PNP Hotline Patrol
117 or send TXT PNP to 290

Bureau of Fire Protection
729-5166, 410-6254, 431-8859, 407-1230

DOTC Hotline
7890, 09188848484


Red Cross Hotline
143, 911-1876

Philippine Coast Guard
527-3877, 527-8481, 09177243682, 0917-PGC-DOTC