Thursday, August 30, 2012

Download: September 2012 Printable Calendar

I never believed in the theories of August being a ghost month, but looking at the number of posts I wrote for the month seems to prove it to be true. Between crafting, work, a few parties here and there, and more work, I've sort of pulled away from the blog and enjoyed reality without feeling the pressure to document every single thing.

In August, I mended a broken friendship, visited my high school campus, dined with my Pipino staff, told someone how I really felt, devoured UNphotographed meals (haha!), and discovered the joy of rubbercutting & stamping. I thank the heavens for another clean slate of a month and for all the crafty promises that September brings.
This morning I woke up with an idea in my head, and quickly hopped over to my crafting table (sans breakfast) to execute it.
First step: Draw on the eraser, or rub your penciled design on it.
Second step: Carve out the design.
Third step: Customize your stamp pad.

And then stamp away! :)
Say hello to the Brrr Months!
Not -Ber but Brrr as in malamig. Well, sana lumamig! :P

September Rubbercut Crafternoon

Mansy (of and I are hosting our first Rubbercut Crafternoon + Garden Party on Saturday, September 15 in Loyola Heights, Quezon City (exact venue will be sent in the confirmation e-mail). Join us for a fun stamping afternoon!

Learn how to make your own stamps, customize the colors on your stamp pads, and print on greeting cards, wrapping paper, and totebags! Each participants receives a complete stamping kit, which includes a set of 12 carving tools, rubber erasers, cutting mat, and a stamp pad. Food and drinks will be served and we'll have a little garden party!

Each participant takes home not just the finished product, but a complete rubbercutting and stamping kit as well!

Slots are limited, and we don't want them to go to waste, so I've added a PayPal button at the end of the post. You can pay with a credit card or make a bank deposit to secure your slot.

For inquiries, e-mail

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DMC Bracelet Crafternoon at Pipino

Immediately after the Craft Soiree, we had a Bracelet Crafternoon in Pipino.
Some crafters from the soiree stayed on. Lots of new participants came to join.
We made fishtail braided bracelets. I used metallic DMC thread for mine.
Each one had different styles of starting the bracelets. Some partnered up with seatmates to hold the ends, and others pinned the thread on the corkboard to keep it in place.Lots of great new friendships were built!
My bros-in-law Kuya Chie, Ruben and Isaiah came to support Elena and Olive.
Yummy yarn thread from DMC. You can get these at their Megamall store.
Everyone so serious at work!
Couple in class: he was the one doing the bracelet! :P
More braids!

We're having more crafternoons in September!
September 8 & 29: Watercolor Crafternoon
September 15: Rubber-cut Crafternoon
Details to follow in next blog post! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 2nd Craft Soirée

It was 'Craft Christmas' all over again last Saturday! The 2nd Craft Soirée was held last August 18 at Pipino. This event is something that I came up with because I wanted to meet other crafters, and also for us to celebrate love for the handmade. (Read about the 1st Craft Soiree here.) It's a huge success every time, and it seems more and more people are coming out of their 'craft shells', so I'm thinking of hosting the event every quarter!

The idea of the Craft Soirée is for each crafter to bring an x-number of crafts for each member of the group, and in exchange, each one will take home 1 craft each from everyone else. Each participant talks about what she does, her craft specialty, and the craft that she made for the group. It's also a venue for sharing ideas, suppliers, and of course, meeting new friends!
In the beginning, everyone so quiet. Traffic was so bad that day, so we decided to serve lunch first, so we could wait for the other participants.
Thanks to my super supportive hoosband PJ for taking care of registration! :)

Crafters ranged from casual crafters to pros (pros meaning those that make sell crafts for a living). The crafters were divided into 3 groups. Each one brought at least 10 crafts to give away. So happy that crafters April, Mansy, Beam, Mikko and Lorra from the 1st Craft Soiree joined us again! 

Check out the show-and-tell in photos! :)
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Alessa :P
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The Craft Loot!
I wanted the crafters to share what they do with other people, too. Since the Craft Soirée is a closed door event, I asked everyone to pin a craft on the cork board, so that more people can see and appreciate their handmade products.. You can view the crafts up close at Pipino!

Here are more photos of the event:
Craft madness. The room was exploding with so much talent!
Illustrations by Jamie

Lorra's personalized goodies
Mansy and April picking giveaways from the prize table

And to share the craft love with all of you,
we're giving away some Craft Soirée goodies!

I'm giving away FREE stickers!All you have to do is LIKE LifeAfterBreakfastblog on Facebook, and send me a message there on Facebook with your Full Name and Complete Mailing Address. No matter where you are in the world, I promise to send you a sticker (via snail mail) by September! :)

And you can also win this loot bag of crafts!Screenprinted shirt by Dan; Origami boxes & crocheted earrings by Mikko; Cord bracelets by Roma; Felt keychain by Beam; Sticker sheet by Alessa; Clay magnets & Bracelet by April; Illustrated diskettes by Angela; Handprinted cards by Lorra; and a canvas Craft Soiree tote!

How to win the Craft Loot Bag:

1. Follow these crafters on Twitter:

2. Tweet this:
I want that #CraftSoirée loot bag, @alessandralanot!

3. Two (2) lucky tweeters will win the bag. Send your entries until Thursday, August 30. Winners will be announced on Friday. Good luck! :)


The 3rd Craft Soiree is scheduled on Saturday, December 8!