Monday, July 23, 2012

The Breakfast Store

Breakfast food is my comfort food. Whenever I see a place that is committed to breakfast, I get so giddy like I want to hug the place while jumping up and down. If only hugging a store were possible. Haha. Last week, I visited a new blue and white spot in our neighborhood, and met with the establishment's owner to talk about, what else? Breakfast! :)
The Breakfast Store is located across Blue Ridge, along Katipunan. The blue and white store front is right next to other take-out shops.
Inside is a little market of more blues and whites. The table in the middle is not really for eating, but only there to showcase the different dining essentials available in store.
Here is owner Sigrid Perez: wife, mother of eight, and fellow lover of breakfast. :)
We talked about so many things that morning--from breakfast, to business, to working with children with cancer, to her own experience when their son was diagnosed with leukemia at 3. It was such a pleasure to have met her!
On their display table, a quote which I firmly believe in.
The Breakfast Store features local regional products from micro-entrepreneurs. They work closely with their suppliers so that they are assured of quality ingredients and proper food handling. Bestsellers include longganisa from Tuguegarao and Vigan.They also have a selection of dried fish for your Filipino breakfasts.

One amazing thing about this store is that with every purchase of The Breakfast Store branded products, a breakfast plate is donated to the BluePlate for Better Learning of Ateneo. It's a group that serves breakfast to school children to make sure they get proper nutrition to help them perform better in school.

For most people, breakfast is not complete without coffee.But I don't drink coffee (surprise, surprise!), so I was happy to see caffeine-free rice, soy and corn coffee! I took some packs home, and will try using them to make coffee ice cream and cupcakes.

They have a chiller of cheese and ready-to-drink locally sourced fruit juices.
The Calamansi and Dalandan juices are must-buys!
There is also fresh, unsweetened juice concentrate available in large glass bottles.I was so intrigued by their jams and jellies. Took home a bottle of tomato jam!
The also have organic brown rice from Nueva Ecija.
Tablea from Cagayan (sweetened), and no-sugar-added Mt. Apo Davao Chocolate.
Organic salted egg (no red dye!) and delicious banana-nutella muffins.
Organic Coconut Vinegar

The also sell plates and bows made by Lanelle Abueva-Fernando.
Those bowls are so pretty!!! I want a mix & match set for my house :)

Crocheted items made by mothers of children with cancer are also available in the store. Of course, everything is blue and white to match the store's theme!

Abel Iloco woven placemats and totes, all in blue and white. I forgot to ask where she got her blue picnic basket! I've been searching for picnic baskets for the longest time!

Now we know where to shop for local breakfast products! ;)

207 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
(02) 3917066 / +63.908.752503
Open 7am to 9pm