Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday7: Meetings & In-Betweens

Is is just me or have the last couple of weeks been really all about meetings, meetings, and more meetings? Since my work is no longer mobile (RIP laptop screen, which is permanently plugged and resuscitated by cords that connect it to my apple cinema display), I've been finding it hard to concentrate on work tasks because I can't seem to stay put. There are at least two meetings in one day that requires me to leave the house prematurely (read: before lunch). Of course, meetings only mean that there is more work ahead, but how is it possible to look so far beyond this mountain of work right in front of me? This. This is why this whole week of blogging has been all about invitations to events and lack of decent posts (oops, sorrrrry!). Although, a restful weekend with NO PLANS AT ALL changes that -- got to work on my backlog work so that I can, once again, gain my time back. Meanwhile, here are some 7 great things about my week.

ONEThe Pino Group -- all present for our weekly meeting. Splurged on dinner at Masseto in Salcedo Village. We have vowed to dine at Makati more because we're opening new restaurants in the area soon! Masseto's chef so kindly prepared a vegetarian entree for me: I had steak just like everyone else! Except, mine was portobello on a bed on veggies. Yum. That chocolate souffle was perfect, too.

TWOWant: Wooden clocks by Muji

THREELunch date: Nicole & Meryll trying out calligraphy at Chelsea. I had the most filling vegetable sandwich with pesto, minus the cheese sauce, plus potato wedges and side salad.

FOURAfter a meeting with Marco of Ministry of Mushrooms, we tried baking this bunch of oyster mushrooms. Drizzled with olive oil and spices and topped with Pipino's walnut parmesan cheese! Delish.

FIVEMade this for Christmas (I almost always make all my Christmas presents) for my cousin-in-law Dudz, but was only able to take a photo of it this week. This one is made of amazonite and apatite stones.

SIXBest vegan chocolate bar in ze land.

SEVENMeeting of seafoam nails (never mind that they're chipped!). Had lunch with QueenA and Anya in Pipino, and we discussed the accessory line that we're launching next season. Can't waaiiit.

Happy Sunday! Stay safe and dry! :)