Saturday, July 14, 2012

Online Shopping & Styling with Miss-Match &

I am guilty of holding on to the remnants of sunshiney days, wearing canvas sneakers out when we all know that there's always 70% chance of rain NO MATTER how hot it is in the morning. But I have to wake up to reality that summer is, indeed, over, and that instead of clinging on to my short-shorts, I must embrace the rain! The good thing about changing seasons is that it's the perfect excuse for a wardrobe update, a.k.a Shopping! But where to begin? It's time to flex those styling muscles in your fingers and click on over to our country's very own virtual styling site, miss-match.
Miss-match has partnered with, an online shopping boutique for a complete virtual styling experience. This means that Chicify items will be available on the miss-match website for you to use in styling your wardrobe, and with a simple click, you can purchase the looks you designed!
For every P2000 single receipt purchase, you get a FREE graphic notebook from MioFightsCancer, a group that is so close to my heart, is also available at Chicify. These are the notebooks from the StARTwithMio exhibit, a project that I organized and curated to help raise fund for art-loving Mio, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009.
Also, if you purchase MioFightsCancer items worth P1000, like the notebooks, greeting cards, and other paper products that I designed in collaboration with Mio, then you get a chance to win an iPod Touch! :)

(photos c/o Miss-Match and Chicify)