Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Join the July Crafternoons!

I've received many e-mails requesting me to conduct watercolor and calligraphy workshops, but instead of teaching, I am holding two (2) Crafternoons for the month of July! What does this mean? I'm inviting friends and readers to join me for a crafternoon of painting and writing. It's not a formal workshop--it's more like hanging out and doing dorky art stuff together. Haha :P The crafternoons are free, but for those who do not have materials, I'll be providing starter kits that can be purchased at the event. I also encourage you to bring your own materials / unfinished projects, and maximize this creative afternoon. Those who would like to join may sign up here

Update (as of Wednesday 10:30 AM): All slots for BOTH July Crafternoons are have been filled up! Thank you to those who signed up. If you wish to add your name to the Waiting List (in case anyone backs out), please send your info  (Name, Mobile Number & specify which crafternoon you want to join) to lifeafterbreakfast.blog@gmail.com. Thank you! :)