Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Calligraphy Crafternoon

Thank you to all those who attended the first calligraphy crafternoon last July 14!
It was raining all afternoon, but I'm glad a lot were still able to make it. The event was supposed to be held in Pipino, but because of the overwhelming response, I decided to hold it at Pino, to be able to accommodate more participants.

I'd like to thank those who emailed me in advance about not being able to make it. Thank you for being considerate enough to give up your slot for those in the waiting list. (To those who confirmed, but didn't show up...hmph! Hehe.)

Here are photos from the crafternoon!
Calligraphy above by Fozzy.
My cousin-in-law Dudz helped me on that day and handled the registration.
Scribe was there a set up a booth selling calligraphy and dipping pens, paper and other tools!

Thanks to Em, I was able to distribute handouts for different calligraphy typefaces.
It was great to have met new friends at the event!Old friends were there, too! :) Thanks to Dudz, Joanna, Kat, Chesca (& Franco), and Muff!
After a couple of hours practicing, the "final activity" for the afternoon was to write a quote or your favorite word, which were all displayed on the wall of Pino.So much talent!
This is my work, one of my favorite quotes.

The Watercolor Crafternoon is coming up this Saturday, July 28!
New slots have opened up.