Monday, June 4, 2012

Vegan Cooking Club: Pizza Day!

A couple of weeks ago, Jen and Kara came over, and we made Pizza and Lasagna. Can you say noontime carb overload? Haha.
Ok, so we're not officially a club, and we've only had ONE cooking session together, but I think it's safe to say that we all had fun and that we'll be planning another cooking (or baking) session again soon! And soooo... I therefore dub us as The Vegan Cooking Club! :P

I made the lasagna while Jen prepared the pizza dough. The lasagna and pizza were basically made of the same proteins and sauce.
While we were waiting for the lasagna to cook, we made rustic and artisan pizzas (read: wala akong rolling pin sa bahay, so our dough was 'artistically' finger-pressed).

Here's the recipe for vegan pizza, which I'm sharing with you all today :)
We learned this the hard way: dough must be cooked halfway before adding the toppings. (Or maybe my oven was not hot enough) Anyway, this procedure works for this recipe.
We topped our pizzas with these ingredients:
olive oil, tomato sauce, fresh mushroom, garlic, tofu ricotta cheese, vegan ground meat, and fresh basil leaves.
Tomato sauce-based pizza
Olive oil based pizza with lotsa garlic. Yum.

Hop on over to Jen's post on our cooking sesh!

In case you do decide to make this recipe, tweet us your photos; we'd love to see them!