Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday7: Art Supplies Shopping & Snacking in Singapore

ONEDay 1 in Singapore.

TWOAfter a really disappointing bowl of vegetarian pho (didn't even finish the bowl. how can you go wrong with pho?!) in the Takashimaya food hall, I walked around the kiosks to look for something to munch on. It was past two and I was super hungry. Found these mini black sesame and sweet potato mochi bread, which were warm and chewy, not too sweet, and hit the hungry spot. If I find myself back in that mall, I'll definitely go back to get some to take home!On a separate occasion, I got this red bean & green tea snack from one of those japanese pancake stalls which always, ALWAYS smell so good.

THREEAfter dinner at Marina Bay Sands, we walked around and saw this cupcake bar called High Society. I wanted to find out what the overpriced cupcakes ($6 each) were all about. Got the chocolate-hazelnut which was sooo rich and thick. Every bite has a mixture of cake, chunks of hazelnut chocolate, and pralines, proving that the place does not scrimp on ingredients (and chocolatey goodness).

I found a new love: dipping pens. For some reason, I like its writing texture more than that of a fountain pen. Also went crazy on dipping ink (yellow, aqua, pink) and cartridge ink (sepia, purple, orange). I was in Orchard the whole afternoon, but skipped on shopping clothes and shoes for all of these. :P Last night, instead of talking, PJ and I wrote down our calligraphy-ed thoughts and jokes to each other on my new pad of calligraphy paper (wasak!). I love my new pens so much that I am actually thinking of changing my signature and will refuse to sign my name unless I'm writing with a fountain pen. Standard. HAHA.

FIVESpent the early part of the afternoon with Jam at Art Friend (which houses EVERYTHING arts & crafts, including this giant wooden clothespin). She lent me her membership discount (yay!) and we walked around the store talking about future craft plans in Manila.

SIXLater in the day, met up with Jenie and we checked out the Harry Potter and Andy Warhol Exhibits at the Art & Science Museum. More on those exhibits later!

Somehow, I can't seem to get my mind off the taste of the Guava & Lemon Juice from Pacific Coffee Company. How is it possible to filter the pesky guava seeds out? Or does the juicer do that for you? I must try making this at home.

Happy Sunday, friends! :)
Love from Lah-lah-land