Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Restaurant André

Ever since I stumbled upon Restaurant André's gorgeous website, I had been wanting to go there. On our recent trip to Singapore, this was first on my agenda. PJ had a full weekend of conferences, so before leaving Manila, I made a reservation for one, and requested for a special vegetarian meal.
Whenever I gush about my experience at Restaurant André, my friends who live in Singapore always ask, "Where is that?!" I'm surprised it's not that well known over there, given that it's number 2 on the Miele list, and has earned lots of other awards as well.The restaurant is housed in a tiny white apartment building right next to the Majestic Hotel, #41 Bukit Pasoh.

I was a bit early for my reservation (excited!), and upon entering, was escorted to the dining rooms on the second floor. The interiors are all in neutrals, with pops of color only in the flowers and lighting fixtures. They propped my bags on a furry little baa baa black sheep :P
Super giddy with excitement!
This menu was on my table when I got there, but the waiter whisked it away immediately when he was informed that I ordered the vegetarian set. Service at the restaurant was impeccable. I have never felt so spoiled and 'pampered' (outside of a spa). I think there were about 4 people who served me my entire meal.

Now, I present, my 7-course vegetarian meal.
The first couple of servers apprached me and said, "Let us start with some snackings." I was hungry, but okay, let's 'snack'. :PPopcorn over cream
Roasted patata brava with garlic aioli and tomato paste, (dehydrated) porcini mushroom tart, over "chocolate soil" which was made of chocolate and garlic.

We hadn't even really begun yet, and already my mind was blown.

Lunch meals are priced at SG$188, and dinner at SG$288. I could already hear my tastebuds telling my wallet to shut the hell up. I just knew that this meal was going to be worth every penny.

And it was. Read on...
My salad: tomatoes with persimmon, seaweed, and basil flower sorbet, with dots of cream and pesto here and there.
Granny apple mousse with mushroom, onions, seaweed, and a salty parsley reduction paste. All these new flavors opened up a part of my brain that had been sleeping since birth.
The soup was a garden of baby leek ravioli, seaweed tops (lato!), grilled onions and carrots, topped with kaffir lime and ginger consomme. Light and spicy at the same time. I loved how 'clean' this tasted.
At this point, the place was starting to fill up. I suggest that you call or email them to make reservations before going there, especially if you are requesting for a special meal.
Oh, and did I mention how cute their cutlery is? I love this tea cup!

Anyway, on to the mains...
Spaghetti a la minute with shaved black truffle and freshly chopped chives.
Just when I thought that it was a tad salty, my teeth sunk into the pasta which balanced out the whole dish. The flavors were so intense, and I think this dish is something that even a meat-lover would enjoy. Serving size was just right, too.
Wild mushroom risotto with spring vegetables, wild fennel, and wild asparagus. Wild! But the flavors were actually more subdued than that of the previous dish. The asparagus balanced all the flavors and brought me back down to Earth when my taste buds would go on a wild adventure after every bite.

And for dessert, it was chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!More chocolate soil (but sans garlic) topped with salter caramel ice cream. On the right is some chocolate truffle, sprinkled with candied pistachios, hiding under the chocolate sponge, chocolate meringue, and chocolate chips. Wow.
After my meal, the waiter led me down to the kitchen to meet Chef André. I thanked him for a meal that I will remember for a long time, and promised to be back with PJ next time.
And the next goal is to dine at the chef's table on the ground floor! Haha :P

Restaurant André
41 Bukit Pasoh