Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pipino at YummyEats 2012

Last Saturday, Pipino was in Makati!
We participated in the 2nd YummyEats event at the Rockwell Tent.
We sold taro chips, chocolate chip cookies, vegan bagoong, cupcakes, muffins, mac n cheese and lasagna.
 The event was crazy packed from start to end.
These baby portobello burgers were a hit with the lunch crowd!
Althroughout the day, we gave away mini muffins and cupcakes. Above are the Banana Choco Peanut Cupcakes, Banana Chia Muffins,  Coconut Muffins and Vanilla Cinnamon Cupcakes.
Congratulations to the Team Yummy for a great event,
and to Liz Yap who was announced as Yummy's new EIC! :)

When the event was finally winding down, PJ and I walked around and visited our friend Gel's booth, SwellSweets! It was a long and tiring event so cupcake crafting was perfect for some 10-minute zen time.Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth! To the friends and blog readers I met at the event, please upload your photos on Facebook / Twitter and tag @PipinoVeg so I can re-post them here! :)