Thursday, June 7, 2012

MAAD: Singapore's Monthly Market of Artists and Designers

The Red Dot Traffic building that takes up an entire block on Maxwell Road seems so fiery and intense, but contrary to what the color represents, it's actually so chill to hangout at the cafes and bars in the complex. It's such a pleasant change from the crowded malls in Orchard where there are no empty seats for sketching, even in the cafes. I've visited the museum a few times before to see their housed exhibits and view all the past Red Dot Design Awardees, but this was the first time I was there for MAAD.
MAAD | Market of Artists and Designers is a monthly Friday-night event at the Red Dot Design Museum, where artist sell and showcase their handmade products. I came early to check out the craft scene in Singapore.
There were some artists lined up along the building on the side of Maxwell Road. Those wooden trunks above are so cute! I later learned that the organizer provides these for all exhibitors.
Uniform red mailboxes.
This jolly man who does bookbinding inspired me to learn how to do it. It'll be my craft project for next week! I hope I can get better at it (soon) so that I can hold a workshop for others who want to learn.

Love museum shops!
Went around the different establishments on the ground floor before proceeding inside the main hall.These chairs were for  being auctioned for "Chairity"!
Love all the wooden display racks.
Back issues of different art and design magazines.

Later, I met up with Jam (or rather, she found me) and we signed up for the Portrait-drawing session.Trying to get ready for the 20-minute drawing sessions. Lakas ng loob mag watercolor! Talaga lang, Alessa. I was so nervous, this was my first portrait session! I DON'T draw people. I see the world in two dimensions.

This couple were the first models. It's so cool how you can just sign up online to have your portrait done! Maybe next time.I thought it was okay to sit on the sides. Only needed to draw half faces. Haha.

It didn't help that everyone around me seemed to be so darn good. Argh.When the 20 minutes are up, everyone hangs their work by the wall and the portrait sitters get to choose which ones they want to buy. Drawings are $10 each and money goes to the artist!
This dude was the 2nd sitter.That's my drawing on the bottom left. If you notice, I ditched my watercolors and switched to my Pilot G4 pen. Haha! Ambisyosa kasi.
Someday soon, Jam & I will organize something like this for Manila's craft-lovin' folks. We may need an entire team to help us do this so send me a message if you are serious in wanting to join us!