Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do Something Creative Every Day

I am in a new relationship with my blue copperplate dipping pen. We've been friends for a while now, but it was only yesterday when I took the time to sit down and get to know it more.

Beach plans were thwarted, but I was determined to celebrate the beginning of Venus no longer being in retrograde. I never believed in all that astrology stuff before, until all sorts of things started happening to my computers and phone, after my ruler Venus went into retrograde. Anyway, met up with Patty and Nicole for lunch at Yabu in Megamall. How considerate of them to have 1 vegetarian meal on the menu, haha.

And then I met up with Em, for our first joint calligraphy lesson (1 out of 24), and we started by reading the books, putting them down, and doodling away to get a feel of our pens, paper, and ink.

Then we proceeded with foundation font.

This morning, I decided to experiment with my materials, and tried my dipping pen with watercolor. I'm in love!
More doodling...
...learning how to control ink flow...
And then this: my personal mantra,in my own script. :)

Been blogging from my phone because my laptop is still busted. It's hard, but I'm so amazed with all the photo editing (cropping + watermark) and blogging apps! Also, I know this is so late and anticlimactic, but I'm a newbie on Instagram. Find me there: @alessandralanot :)