Friday, May 18, 2012

Stella at BHS Central

I am a fan of "clean" food. I like seeing whole ingredients on my plate, and knowing what exactly is in my dish. Most people might find it boring, but being a vegetarian, I am quite used to simple food. Creatively pairing one whole food with another is where the excitement lies.

Hearing that the newest restaurant of the Chelsea/Momo/Mr.Jones group was now open, and that its concept was toward the more natural and organic, I invited our family to try Stella at Bonifacio High Street Central for Mother's Day dinner.
 Stella is located across Jamba Juice on BHS Central. On the left of the restaurant is their bar, RocketRoom.Hello, Mister and Misis Lanot :PI got the Wood-Fired Cauliflower and Broccoli and this dish of Squash and Olives as our appetizers, while we waited for the rest of the family (the Hilarios) to arrive.Loved their complimentary selection of bread, served with roasted tomato, garlic and herbs.
We also ordered the Stella Salad (bacon on the side) which was really yummy!
Now that everyone's here, it's time for the main course.

I loved the Truffled Mushroom Pizza so much, that it deserves not one, but two photos.
I don't really like cheese (though I will eat it occasionally), and I was happy that the pizza was NOT smothered in thick oily cheese, which other pizza-makers slab on to the crust like second skin. This pizza was fresh, yet so tasty! I think we ordered three of the same pizza. (And maybe because there are 4 vegetarians in the family, haha.) I will definitely go back for this one!
Halfway through the meal, I decided to order some fresh lemonade. Yum.
And now, on to Dessert!My Tita ordered the Crema Catalana, and we ordered cookies and milk. I think it was my mom and nephew Kai who both drank the milk. Although if you want milk and cookies, skip this one, and instead, go for...
Stella's Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough, which is topped with salted caramel and Mantecado ice cream. A bit on the sweet side, but it's okay if you're sharing it (which you ought to!). Genius of a dessert right here.
Happy busog family :P

Bonifacio High Street Central
(02) 6213222