Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pasalubong Giveaway: Gintawan Bracelets

This is so awesome, a dress was named after me! Thanks to Princess Ant Anya of ANTHILL Fabric Gallery! Their new ETHNO Summer Collection is now available. Hop on over to the ANTHILL website and shop online!
The ALESSA dress
Pleated dress made of handloomed plain Kantarines fabric with pleated skirt belted with Bontoc belting fabric, split neckline and an invisible side zipper enclosure. Available in S, M, L in Teal Blue, Tangerine Tango, Solar Power

On my recent trip to ANTHILL, I got a couple of Gintawan Bracelets made by the Daraghuyan community for another Pasalubong Giveaway! :P
ANTHILL's indigenous partner community, the Daraghuyan Community of the Bukidnon Tribe, strips of Gintawan branches from its tree in the belief that the plant has medicinal healing traits. During healing rituals, the plant is also burnt for smoke to touch the sick. {From ANTHILL's Facebook Page}
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Winners will be notified on Thursday! :)