Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nic's NYC Dinner at Pipino

When Patty suggested that we throw Nicole a birthday party, I took the opportunity to create another themed birthday party! Even if I had just half a day to execute, I was able to finish all the crafty details because I was so inspired by the theme!

Last night, I recreated one of Nic's happiest places: New York City! (Well, it's my happy place, too, so it wasn't that hard, haha!) Chef Edward prepared a delicious 5-course family-style dinner at Pipino for the girls and we ate and chatted and laughed the night away. Happiest birthday to the hottest mom-to-be, Nicole!
Printed out a Subway sign themed banner and made party hats using NYC maps!
The one with the pompom's for the birthday girl!
 I-Heart-NIC Gocco-stamped on canvas totebags.
I lovelovelove Gocco! I did these in under 30 minutes!Inside the totebags: Yummy taro chips and vegan bagoong for all the guests.
The birthday girl, who arrived at Pipino before any of us! :P
Kelly and Bianca's first mission upon arriving in Pipino:
choose cupcakes for takehome!

And now, time for dinner! Chef Edward Bugia served us all the dishes himself!Pipino's vegan version of cuban corn (channeling Cafe Habana!), which is even more delicious when smothered with cashew cheese!
Wicked Walnut Salad with dalandan balsamic dressing.
Watermelon Steak with Taro Mash, Pickled Shiitake, and Asparagus with vegan aioli.
Spicy tofu and Pasta Puttanesca.

Then, the best part of the meal: dessert! This is Chef Ed's special Pipino birthday cake-- our signature moist chocolate cake with a twist: raspberry filling and candied walnuts all over!
Happy birthday, Nicole!PJ helped me cut out these toppers! :)

Photoshoot madness: balancing the hats on our headsI forgot my camera at home so I used my phone to take pics. Thanks to Patty for sending me photos, too!
Patty, Bianca, Meryll, me, Kelly and Nicole.
'Til the next themed party! :P